Does your instrument need a setup, wiring, new frets, custom modifications or even a restoration? Feel those notes and get lost in it again. We’re different than any other Toronto Guitar Repair Shop because we service your guitar with your own personal music and playing style in mind.

Regardless of the genre of music you play, all these styles and techniques require different set-ups for optimal performance. We personalize your instrument to reflect the style and unique technique of the owner so when you play, your guitar works with you to acheive the flow-state of enjoyment and creativity that only music can bring. Whether you’re a novice, or a seasoned professional, your instrument will leave Lil’Demon Guitar repair shop sounding and playing better than when it came in. 

Located in Toronto’s downtown west-end, we welcome all guitar enthusiasts and their instruments. Our prices are competitive and we only charge for necessary repairs and modifications.


*We specialize in fretwork, re-fretting, wiring, custom-made nuts and saddles as well as routing work and fabrication.

We also do expert, guaranteed amplifier and effects repairs. Pete Medvick our resident amp technician has been repairing and modifying amplifiers and audio equipment for over 40 years.

Contact us to share your guitar or amp issue. With years of experience in guitar repairs and guitar mods, plus a personal commitment to high quality workmanship, it’s easy for us to guarantee all our work. Visit Lil’Demon Guitar repair shop in Toronto and trust your gear with us. We’ll treat your instrument or amplifier as if it were our own.

Lil’Demon Guitar repair store Toronto has over 14 years experience repairing acoustic and electric guitars. All our work is guaranteed with the quickest possible turnaround. Set-ups and most procedures are usually ready within 7-10 days.


The minimum $35 bench charge is absorbed into the cost if you choose to proceed with the work required. In most cases consultations are absolutely free. The regular bench rate is $75 per hour. Our woodworking/fabrication fee is $100 per hour. Please call, email us or best yet bring it in during our business hours.

GENERAL SET-UP FEES (not including strings):

6 String Electric or Acoustic - $85
6 String Electric with balanced, floating tremolo - $95
Floyd Rose or other locking tremolo - $110
4 – 5 String Electric or Acoustic Bass - $85
6 String Bass - $95

We also service and set-up banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, and other stringed world instruments. Please inquire.

*Regretfully, we no longer offer re-finishing services to the public. We do, however do touch up repairs, apply waterslide decals and in some cases, finish a neck or headstock. Also, please inquire.

**We are not responsible, or liable to provide or compensate for any instrument or equipment rented, and/or purchased for use while any instrument is or was being serviced or stored in our facilities. All instruments and equipment serviced must be paid for and claimed within 7 days of initial notice, otherwise storage and/or maintenence fees may apply. We reserve the right to take posession and liquidate any unclaimed items after 90 days of initial notice at our discretion.

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